25/3/21 Tohu & Vohu video is out

Last August the Tohu Animation Collective created an AR exhibition called Tohu & Vohu for Outline illustration festival.

Finally the video documenting the exhibition is out! watch it here.


21/3/21 New music video out- Minus Efes\ Monster

Oh man, that is some spooky sad story about death, family and dogs. you can watch my cutout campfire right here.

21/2/21 Yet another Music Video out on the same day! The Clutch- You make me feel (so bad)

This day is too much for me. I’ll go stare at the wall absent mindedly, you can watch the new video here.

21/2/21 New music video out and about! Minus Efes- Don’t call me anymore

Two music videos released in one day, goddammit!

First one is אל תתקשרי יותר by מינוס אפס. give it a look-see!

1\12\20 “Just Don’t Die” got selected for production!

After the pitching event “90 seconds of rest” by the Gesher Film Fund I was told today that my short, “Just Don’t Die” is one of the winners! hooray!

The extremely short short will be about the life and death of an awkward asthmatic man. Now I only have to make it ):

congratulations to all the winners, and especially my  Tohu studio mates Shalev Ben Elya & Tal Kantor!

let’s make some sweet, sweet animation.

29/10/20 הרצאה על “הבשורה בחצות” הערב!

במסגרת גרסת הקורונה של פסטיבל Anination, “Anination Bites”, הערב ארצה על הסדרה הפסיכדלית-פילוסופית של נטפליקס.

שם ההרצאה: מפלצות ושדים בכנסיה.

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