28.7.21- upcoming Jerusalem group exhibitions

I’ll be presenting works week after week in different locations this August.

The first work, “Outbreak” (2012) will present for a week, 29.7-5.8, in the group exhibition “Liminal Space” at the Poundak project, Hasoreg 1 st. Curated by Guy Sokovsky, it’s a unique collection from local artists. check it out and come to the opening party tomorrow!

event: https://www.facebook.com/events/243066130777739

The second work, “In pipes”, is a series of 15 illustrations (a comic, really) made especially for the group exhibition of my animation gang, Tohu Collective. The exhibition, “Fifteen songs to the abyss”, is presenting as part of the Outline Illustration week in Jerusalem, at Jaffa 161 st. it will present for a week as well, 5-12.8.

Led and curated by Tamar Odenheimer, draws inspiration from a Talmudic legend about the fifteen songs King David played to the abyss when it threatened to end the world. The works deal with the metaphor of the abyss and facing it in different, wonderful ways, and the opening event for it and other exhibitions in the building will be a whole big thing!

event: https://www.facebook.com/events/363763651936285

Many things are happening right now. too much? time well tell. more updates soon.

15/6/21 Glug presenting at MIFA’s “Spotlight On Jerusalem”

I’m very excited to say that finally, after being mentored by Annecy festival in early 2020, the pitch for my in-developmen short ” Glug” is presented online for the world to see, right here in the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund website.


6/5/21 Innovation on Location: BrainQ at ALYN hospital

I had the honor to work on a short video explaining the revolutionary work done by the hi-tech startup BrainQ, shot in the ALYN pediatric hospital.

Many thanks to the Brief. team on the creative collaboration!

The video is here.

4/5/21 At long last, A TOHU animation event

After a long, corona-themed dry spell, Tohu is once again in the business of providing Jerusalem with saucy animation events.

In the 6th of may, in our new house at 161 Yaffa street, we’ll be showing short films by the animators we have the biggest crushes on.

You’re very welcome to see the films, the hearts in our eyes, and also the rest of the many many things in this ginormous opening party.


27/4/21 MONSTERFUCKERS open call!!!

I’m very excited to announce I’m finally stepping out with a project I’ve been planning for a while- MONSTERFUCKERS, a hardcore animated exquisite corpse about monsters fucking- and nothing else!

All the details are here. The call is open. Send me an animation of some sexy monsters or leave me alone forever

15/4/21 Special independence day project

I answered the call by the facebook cinema-spoof page Honest posters to create an alternative illustrated poster for an Israeli movie. Immediately I picked the surreal 90’s film “An electric blanket named Moshe” by Assi Dayan. check out the entire project on their page.

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